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WHAT'S UP, WORLD?! My name’s Acuity, but my friends call me Cutie. I’m an online scheduling tech company from New York City, and I’m 10 years old. But that’s, like, 25 in software company years.

Hobbies include: craft beer, using finger guns in a completely non-ironic fashion, adult coloring books (don’t act like you don’t have one), and helping businesses of all sizes manage their busy schedules. Pretty niche, I know.

“Why managing schedules?" you ask? Well, I like to help people. I guess you could say I take after my dad that way. His name’s Gavin and he built me from scratch 10 years ago! Can you believe it?––A whole decade!

And that brings me to what I’m doing all this for...

See, my full name is Acuity Scheduling––and no, it’s not one of those weird celeb baby names or anything. I’m a tech company. And right now, I’m looking for my ride-or-die, go-to, right-hand frontend JavaScript/React developer.

I’m going to describe a human, and if it sounds like you might be the human I’m describing, you should contact me. And you should probably attach your résumé.


So, let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

Beyond brass tacks, here are the softer edges of the gig:


And by the way? These other qualities would probably help bucketsfull:

If this description sounds like you, there’s a chance that I’d like to offer you $90k-120k per year salary. Straight up cash money. I mean, it’d be in exchange for your professional services each year, but still.

Write me. Or, you know, fill out the application that my dad, Gavin, will review personally. You can count on it. Which is nice because they tell me that good men are hard to find these days.

Sincerely yours,

Cutie AKA Acuity Scheduling

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